October 25: Grandparent's Day (JK-4th): "Why are there so many songs about rainbows?"
On October 25, Grandparents of students in grades JK through 4th grade attended Mass, followed by a program dedicated to rainbows.


Mrs. Cunningham greeted us with a scientific definition of a rainbow, which was followed by the students' definitions of rainbows. "Rainbow Connection," sung by all of the students, helped us to see that there may be more than meets the eye.


"Rain Rain Go Away," sung by our Junior Kindergarten students, showed us the important beginnings of a rainbow: RAIN of course!


"The Rainbow," sung by our Kindergarten students, showed us what comes after the rain: A Rainbow!


"Sing a Rainbow," sung by our 1st grade students, told us of all of the colors we see in the rainbow.


"I Never Touched a Rainbow," sung by our 2nd grade students, told us of the promise that God gives us through a rainbow. He cares for all of his creation and provides so richly for us.

"I Woke up to a Rainbow," sung by our 2nd grade students, showed us the joy one feels when seeing a rainbow in the sky!


"Mama, a Rainbow," sung by our 3rd grade students, was written for a musical called "Minnie's Boys." It tells the story of the Marx brothers, and "Mama, a Rainbow" is a tribute to their mother who they say diamonds, gold, the sunrise, and not even a rainbow are worthy enough for her!

"Get on the Boat," sung by our 3rd grade students, and tells the origin of the rainbow: Noah and the flood.


"Beyond the Rainbow," sung by our 4th grade students, tells of the beautiful island of Hawaii, known for its many rainbows.

"Over the Rainbow," sung by our 4th grade students, shows the longing that we all feel when looking at a rainbow. This idea was expressed by Judy Garland in the "Wizard of Oz," as she longed for something greater than life on a farm in Kansas. The song has been performed and arranged by countless artists, with IZ Kamakowiwo'ole, being one of them. This is the version that the 4th graders, dressed in their Hawaiian leis, sang for us, along with a snipet of the original version.


"Kiss at the End of the Rainbow," from the motion picture, "A Mighty Wind," was our final song that all of the students sang, as they blew a kiss to their grandparents to say farewell.


December 8 @ 1 p.m.: Barnes and Noble Book Fair (4th grade)
Our 4th grade students sang at the Book Fair in front of many parents and guests to help support our school library. The students sang their songs from the Grandparent's Day performance.

December 19 @ 9:30 a.m.: Advent Program (Kindergarten and 6th)
Our 6th grade students, along with their Kindergarten buddies, performed a great program for parents and guests. The performance featured a special guest (Mrs. Cunningham, our principal!) reading a beautiful story called, "The Birds of Bethlehem." The story is a simple one, but tells the story of the Nativity from the perspective of the birds who resided in Bethlehem.
The program started with an upbeat song called "Little Bethlehem," performed by Kindergarten and 6th grade, featuring a small 6th grade vocal ensemble. The song reminds us of how God uses what is small to bring about something mighty.


Then the 6th grade took the stage for a beautiful arrangement of the song "Carol of the Birds." This song featured all of our 6th grade boys playing percussion: drums, xylophones, metalophones, and glockenspiels. It also featured some of our 6th grade girls on recorder, along with the voices of our 6th grade girls. "Carol of the Birds" tells the story of how all of the birds gathered from afar to worship the King of Kings!


"Silent Night" was performed by our own Kevin Stein on piano, and reminds us of that gentle night when Christ was born.
Then Kindergarten took the stage to sing "The Friendly Beasts," which featured some of our 6th grade girls on percussion. "The Friendly Beasts" reminds us of how God used the beasts of the earth to provide for the Holy family, when there was no room at the inn.


The story then told us how the angels came to proclaim the good news, and featured our 6th grade singers with "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."
Our Kindergarteners then told us of Christ's birth with the song "Bethlehem Lay Sleeping," featuring our 6th grade girls on percussion.
Finally, all of our students came together to call all of the people to come see our Savior with the song, "O, Come All Ye Faithful."
We finished the program with a parent and guest sing-a-long, featuring Kevin Stein as our accompanist, with the songs, "Deck the Halls" and "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."
Before leaving, we all sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."
Hallelujah, Christ is Born!

April 9 @ 1 p.m.: Song Festival (5th grade)

April 27: 1st Communion (2nd grade)

May 16: Kindergarten Farewell