Music Skill Grading Criteria
Students will be assessed on the following for each musical skill assignment:

  • Participation
  • Technique
  • Steady Beat
  • Rhythm
  • Pitch (if applicable)

Students will be graded on the following musical skills. Students' technique will be assessed using the bulleted criteria below.

Vocal Technique

  • Pitch
  • Posture
  • Tone
  • Diction

Drums and Auxiliary Percussion Technique

  • Hold Instrument Properly
  • Alternate Mallets or Hands When Necessary
  • Tone
  • Posture

Barred Instrument Technique

  • Resting and Ready Position
  • Let Mallets Bounce (use your wrist, not your index finger)
  • Alternate Mallets (use crossover, if necessary)
  • Posture (back is straight, body is centered, arms form a triangle when mallets are in playing position, proper sitting/standing position)

Recorder Technique

  • Holes Covered (think "recorder warts")
  • Posture, Resting and Ready Position (sitting up straight, recorder forms a 45 degree angle with your face, left hand on top)
  • Articulation (think "doo, doo, doo")
  • Tone (think "Pacific Breeze" not "Arctic Blast")

Students will be assessed based on a 10 point grading scale. Each Criteria (see very top of this page) will be worth 2 points. Please see the following scale for specific letter grades and percents. Please note that each Musical Skill assignment will be worth 10 points (the 10 point scale is used for ease of student understanding, rather than having a percentage chart, so if a student were to get a 3 on an assignment, his/her grade would not be a 30%, but a 70%, or the letter grade of D). Grades will be entered in such a way that the desired percentage is achieved. For example, say that a student gets a 7 {S (K-2nd) or B (3rd-8th)}, the grade would be entered as 8.5 out of 10, thus giving the student an 85%.

10=VG (100%)
9=VG (93%)
8=VG (89%)
7=S (85%)
6=S (82%)
5=S (78%)
4=NI (74%)
3=NI (70%)
2=U (60%)
1=U (50%)

10=A+ (100%)
9=A (93%)
8=B+ (89%)
7=B (85%)
6=C+ (82%)
5=C (78%)
4=D+ (74%)
3=D (70%)
2=F (60%)
1=F (50%)

Students will also receive written assignments in the following categories. Each assignment will have its on criteria and number of points.

  • Form/Symbols
  • Notation
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Cultural Context
  • Historical Context